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STACYANN started this conversation
Dear Friends On Aid Page UPDATE 2009 
           I was updating my situation ,amd I Have posted  in the wrong spot I did  it in whats on your heart so please read because I can't , Seem to get it pasted to my Profile., U all mean alot and it very imporatnt that   U all  know the What or Som of what been going on,
Please Take the  time out of    your bust saturday and read it very important,
May you all be blessed an Carried On Angel Wings Love StacyAnn November13th2009
UPDATE DEC 2008  A Funny thing just happen, I was updating my profile and writing about all2 the things that have happen.Then the computer turned off and I realized that there 
is a time for everything and you name it 2008 has been that kind of year . things I thought never would happen or could happen has happen However instead of telling you of hardship. That I'm  no different than anyone else . I think 2008 has been emotionally and financially and spiritual  year for everyone. So I decided to write for my post something I wrote This morning, Ask for Prayer because that is the most precious gift of all.
  So This Just a Thought,
Just My Thought.
Yes times  are hard for many many people out there.
But Instead of Compiling of things we don't have.
Look at all you do have .
Do You Have your Health ?  may not be perfect but your alive to see another day
Do You Have someone to smile at you everyday, ? Even if it is a Stranger?
Do You Have Laughter in your life?
Do You See?
Can You Hear?
Can You Speak?
Are You Warm?
Do You have a Friend? It better to have 1 good friend than a 100 that are not there when You need them/
Can You still shed a tear?
Can You use Your Arms?
Can You Fold Your Hands?
Can You Bow Your Head?
Does Your heart hurt?
Do You feel Pain?
Do You have water to Drink?
You are rich , You may be think what < 
You see God Has shown me that it is The Simple things that we often take for Granted, We all have a story, It how we choose to learn from the past to Change our Future, For God Has Given us all the Tool's It up to us to use them , Simple
Bow your Head And Say Thank you?  May you all be blessed and Carried On an Angel Wings, Stacyann
 I had to put this on my main page,  I read a letter of a person being AngeryThat he had not recived any money and that Aidpage did nothing more than Give links, and Advice, or were scammers, I felt I needed to take a stand, I know this letter is long but please bare with me I think You will see What God showed me AidPAge means,If youLike in update on my health and what is happening email me and I will you know everthing that is  going on, 
               I have been a member of Aid Pages for a long time now,
I do not know if anyone has received money? This is what I do Know, I am a mother with 4 children ,With Now over 50+face&brain surgery's , Cervical Cancer and Complications because of it, I am now up to over 100 surgery's and have all the legal records to show ,I only receive $365.00 a MT from disability, When I know others that get SSI that have never worked and the get more money than the people did work and pay taxes, I have lost my oldest son,  I have never asked for money , I have asked for Prayer and ideas to work at home,
No I have not received any valid ways to make money at home.
       However this what I do know, Is that  If I can save a Young women's life By telling her to get the Vaccine "Gaurdacell that may save even one young lady or Woman  from get HPV , That will save her from Cervical Cancer, Than I helped someone,
If I can teach people about Formaldehyde Posing that I received from a home we had built that cause me to get a bone infection in my face, By simply preserving  Sinuses  infection. Then I have helped someone, The most priceless gift we can give other is of ourselves. 
        I talk to a couple of close friends that I have met on Aid Page , Personal situations, after we know each other and share our struggles,,  Example
My Daughter Graduated this year we did not have any money to be able to buy her a Top and Gown, My Husband has lost his job, we can not pay our bills, My youngest Daughter Birthday is coming  we have no money, I have no teeth it is a 11 grant to just have one of the surgery's I need.  My husband was just laid off.
The list goes on,  ye we have a lot of need
            However I feel asking is wrong, God know or needs better than we know them ourselves, Every one in Our World is struggling in some way or another, SO who am I to place myself above others and say Give me money,  That is wrong.
Aid Page has blessed more lives than you will ever know about. 
You don't know if someone gave someone money, Everything you are talking about is money, money, money, 
          What about The person that wanted to die tonight and in there desperate they reach out on aid page, There is someone on right at that moment that understands and has been there before and has the knowledge and wisdom to help that person, And that person is alive right now because someone was on Aid page at the right time, Or people at the beginning of a trail meeting people who have already walked a Journey similar and know how to help, with out expecting anything.
     Money may help your temporary problems, Or anyone that ha a lot of money may say, Money does help but with wealth comes a whole lot more different problems.. Just look at all types people who have won Lottery's that say they never wish they would of one, Because they lost there friends that had for years, Because they friend think and family member think they should get some money just because they know you ,
     There is only one true Fact, That if you put your life in God hands ,Ask for prayer and be thankful for  everything and expect nothing in return, that is when miracles happen , They happen every day it your choice to see them,
    You R right there is a lot of identity theft, But to say NO One on  has AID page has helped anyone, YOU are wrong you don't know that, and as you give Advice,, Advice that could save someone life ,I think that  is pretty Amazing Sadly You don't ,
Where there is Anger there can Be no Peace, Without Peace
You  Just might Just be missing out on something.   Like
This, to me AID PAGE means to me
  De vine
  Enlightening   Now read it backwards 
Enlightening, God, Answered, Prayer,  De vine , In, Advice.
No where do I see the word ,Money. But that is juts my take and what Aid Page means to me,  
Hi, I have a lot to add to update my Aid Page, I am now over 50+ face & brain surgery's ,I Just had another one,
Unfortunately Dr are running out of ideas. I have spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital , I am on home Intravenous Medications once aging, I have a port, , for the friend that do not know what that is , It is a  tube with like a bobbin pin on to that the tube goes to my heart and the "bobbin" like on a sewing machine is under the skin in my case a left sub calving. I push a needle threw the skin and then I am ready to go, It Like I am Plugging my self to the wall, "LOL"
 In the in of Feb Early March I have complications to cervical cancer,I had to have an emergency 9 hour surgery that unfortunately did not work, the Dr are to scared to the right surgery because of the bone infection and no Celia function in my face. There much more health wise,I do need Prayer over that However I am Very Thankfully for the Journey I have been blessed take, Please read the poem I wrote on my Blog,
"Simple Facts Of Life" sum it up how blessed  to learn on my journey Always Keep you head high be Proud of who you are, Remember we are only Stuck if we allow are self to be stuck in the spot we allow our self to be,
          May you Be Carried on An Angel Wings Always

I am a mother of 4 and critically ill with having well over 45 + face & Brain surgery's, not to mention all  the other surgery's and medical problems due to complications,
   The reason I am writing you is because I'm need some "Personalized" help in seeking a way That I can bring in a income to my family, I want to teach my children that it does not matter the situation that you keep on trying, I want to do Honest work at home that has no start up fees. I only get $350,00 a MT disability and no other help, So I need to find a job that I can work at home,.I have always ran my own company's . I had my own practice in Sports Medicine before I got sick then I use my Knowledge  in Homeopathic Medicine, To make Herbal scent moist heat packs and eye pillow, I made natural Soaps and Body Oils, and I even Made whole made Chocolates. My 4 children as well as myself would take it the flee market every weekend and sell what we had made all week. Around that time is when all the brain surgery's  started and 18 hrs a day of Intravenous medication, It was bit difficult hauling 4 children all my product and walking with in Iv tubes coming out my chest, what a site that was "lol" we managed for a while sadly the demand for he product became to great for me to make all by myself everyday in my kitchen,
  That started me studying gemstones after brain surgery, I spent 2 years studying gemstones, I did sell high end jewelry on Ebay , but  During a move we were robbed. "long story"  they stole Everything we owned I do mean everything and the insurance did not cover excuse they found a loop hole as usual. Now I have no other income, Please Know that I'm not a Victim I am a Survivor & I am very blessed I have the privilege to be with my children as they grow up when they said I would not live this long "what do they know" "lol". 
    I have learned many life lessons, I can't do much physically now but I do some kind of craft everyday with the younger children,We have done so many different craft. We draw paint, do clay, the favorite is making Jewelry but that is a treat because the pretty crystals are expensive, I can work on the Computer,
   I know the end and out of a how to run a company to having happy personal , they will do a better job, To satisfying the Hardest to Please customer, I keep my self up to date learning and studying the newest trend to the next big craft, I know how to do Advertising, I like being very creative, I know how to do import and export, In my journey, I have been blessed to learn many Life lesson along the way. I have been on the Top and I have been on the bottom. I will not give up and I will not ask for sympathy, I'm not different than anyone else, I just have a few Challenge but don't we all. The reason I won't sell on Ebay, Is because the market has changed and the fees are to high, There only a few ways to make money on Ebay now, One is to be a Huge company that is able to import the inventory, Or to lye, If I can't do it honest It's not happen.
       Oh my I can't believe I just told everyone all this, I guess it because I know if there an opportunity for me to become part of your team I would fill honored and privileged,
   Thank you for what you do and if you have any ideas, Please pass them my way.
        May you be Blessed 10 fold.
             Best Regards

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Hello How have you been? What have you been up to? Just wanted to say hi since you are here..good to see you.. hugs Starshine

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God Stacyann!  I hope your kids grow up to be just like you! The world will be a better place!  my opinion of humanity and my hope for the world that my children will inherit have risen since meeting you tonite! hope the bedt for you all!!!!!!!! artart47           "There will be the morning after..If we can hold out thru the storm!"

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god be with you

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Hi Stacyann, I read your profile and updates. I truly hope everything is going well for you. You are exactly right in what you were saying about trusting God in all things. It's really hard sometimes to just let go, trust God, and believe that He has a good plan for your life; especially when you feel like you're in the storm of the century. I will pray for you and your family, and hope you will do the same for me. Sincerely, myblubowtie

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 in response to STACYANN...   


Everything you note to me and your post came through on aidpage.

So all is alright with that. I hope you are well and do take care. 

Your blogging to aidpage came through wonderfully on the main page and on your page.

Take care and hugs


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 in response to Starshine...   

Dear Starshine

      I have been  having difficult time with computer sending message.

I am not sure you will get this, So Please know I am blogging to People on aid page I care about, 


Hi STACYANN It is so good seeing you back on aidpage today. I hope you are feeling better and I have read what you wrote. You write beautifully. Have a great day and I wish you a Merry Christmas hoping you get your wishes fulfilled. hugs Starshine

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maybe this place can help

NC office of long term services and supports

and the NC division of aging and adult care services has ombudsmen to intervene for the elderly and people with disabilities 

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This is to StacyAnn,

Stacy if you are on disability and are so severe in medical problems than welfare should be giving you TANF/Cash benefits and foodstamps for your children. And SSI should be giving you $674 or more if Social Security and not SSI disability assistance if you and your hugsband are unemployed and you recieve no other income outside of goverment assistance like the welfare or other SSI benefits.

I was finaly approved for my SSI in 2007 and applied in 2005 and I found out since I am on disability and my 2 sons are also on disability that my daughters are eligible for OWF cash assistance they get $355 for the both of them. Now since your disabled and your hugsband unemolyed you should be eligible for OWF Cash assistance for your children atleast and it should be between $350-500 a month i would think. Now as someone who is disabled myself but no where as near severity as yours I know that money isn't the only answer however in this world now and goverment it does matter. And even though I get benefits for me and all my kids it is still not enough especially when unexpected bills come up or needs like school clothes, car repair bill, housing, etc. I am myself seeking help and advice on aidpage and anywhere else I can find it. So my advice to yoou is see if your state/city welfare agency nearest you can help and maybe even just seek a legal aide attorney which if they are in your location are totally free especially to low income and disabled people. They have helped me several times and I always call them when a matter comes up. As well you should seek advice from them onto as why you are only recieveing such a low amount in Disability assistanc and not more help with your surgeryies and expenses. Sounds liek yoour getting BS'sd to me. To say it as nicely as I can and as a fellow christian. Well this is the best advice and information I can think of at this time besides Have Faith and well.... keep trying.

 Godbless and goodluck to you. I really hope your conditions improve I can only imagine your pain and struggles. My problems are only a fraction to what you hav. But still importantall the same.



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stacyann, have you ever tried ? they are good to work with!!!!

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comment to Stacyann:---I don't know if you will be able to read this or not but it doesn't make any difference. I pray for you morning and night, you have taught me so much about family, humility,love,and endurance and mostly how to cherish every moment of every day we are given. You have touched so many people with your strong but gentle words and you have never wavered in your faith and belief in the Lord. I love you my friend and I pray that you find the peace you so deserve. Sheila  sheshe030

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I am praying for you StacyAnn. Reuesting that everyone here, please pray for StacyAnn. Pray for G-d to heal her. Pray for G-d to bless her family situation. G-d bless everyone

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 in response to afacewithnoname...   

Hi,  I appreciate reading what you wrote, there alot of people that  come here that have horrenous things happen, I multiple abuse sexually and other ways that wouldn't edify anyone. When I came here which was last June I think, I didn't ask for money.  The help I was trying get was for teeth implants,  I  found when I got here there were so man

y people hurting in everyway possible, and I itenifed, so I just wanted to encourage people and build up no matter what there situation.

Believe I do understand your pain, I several severe depression times, and I would end up in the hospital because of wanting to die.

So its only natural do want to help people in way I can, I don't have money, sometimes just listing to someone is far more benefical that money.

I look forward to comminucating with you.


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Elaine of TSA

I know it sounds crazy, but I had a friend this worked for after she could not even get an offer on her place in 1.5 yrs. then she tried it and sold within 1 month.

Talk to Elaine of TSA
Elaine of TSA

You are one AMAZING Lady Stacyann and as always an inspiration. Luv ya, Elaine

Talk to Elaine of TSA


What an inspiration you are.  Your courage, determination and faith really hit home for me.  Sometimes we all are guilty of getting caught up in the money trap and forget where the real wealth comes from.

I have two places that I currently work off the internet on a regular basis that you might want to look at.  One is  There is no fee for this.  It is data entry, bascially the company contracts out with the IRS, and you are keying snippets from various tax forms.  I have been working for them now for 3 years.  Depending on your speed, you can average between $50 to $200 a week.  They pay every week as long as you have $50 in your account when they pull.  There is a waiting list for them, but from what I hear, they have been taking in new people recently.  As the new tax year gets closer, they will be hiring on more.  It is worth a shot.

Another place is This place is part of  What it is is various people will have jobs they want completed.  Things that a computer cannot do.  Like looking at pictures and descriptions and deciding if they are the same or not.  The pay is not real high.  Most projects range from a penny to ten cents each.  But when you get the hang of it, you can whip through them really fast.  I usually average about $10 a day off them.  Whats great with them is they pay direct deposit.  So like this weekend, I worked enough to make $25 which I will have direct deposited on Monday and it will be in my account on Tuesday.  

I hope this helps you out.

Take care of yourself, and your FAITH.... remember it will always carry you through.



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Dear Big Papa.
       You asked me a simple question, Yet I think one of the if not the most important questions a person can be asked?
How strong if your Faith,
      I  would be lying if it has always been strong. Just like a Ship at Sea, It is easy to say great when  the waters are calm.
However I have so blessed that it is up to me how I am going to stand on my Ship with a small storm and the bigger storm. God has taught me on this Journey That he gave us a great gift the gift to see how much we have been blessed threw the storm's in our life by our Faith, That is a gift even in calm water or the biggest storm of your life threw faith we get the privilege to grow.  
 So how strong is my Faith, I am humbled , I am been given more gifts that are not materialistic. I have been given wisdom and a quite strength. I have being given Empathy for others,I have been given Grace.
 I am living and breathing my Faith is Strong and that is because God is my Boat I have learned to stand in.
          God has a strong calling on your life you already know that as Well.
 Thank you Big Papa for asking me the most important question of my life
Big Papa

Girl you have a story to tell! And I think it time for you to start putting it down on paper.  You are an inspiration to every mother out there. You have a great wealth of knowledge and experience.  Exactly what we all need.  How strong is your faith? Get back with me, your friend,

Big Papa

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Hi Stacy,


I so hope you are feeling better. Your spirit is strong and I admire it. I posted in a blog about a report that was given on our local news about an article from the Wall Street Journal related to legit work at home jobs.

If this helps in any way when you have time, take a look.



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Stacyann, I have a solution to your problem! I work from home and I work for a great company! The work is easy and My boss is a good Christian woman! Here is her e-mail address, tell her I sent you.It's phone work and data entry and I make pretty good money . her name is Genita! God Bless you! Suellen Fry-Washington

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