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Hi,  I appreciate reading what you wrote, there alot of people that  come here that have horrenous things happen, I multiple abuse sexually and other ways that wouldn't edify anyone. When I came here which was last June I think, I didn't ask for money.  The help I was trying get was for teeth implants,  I  found when I got here there were so man

y people hurting in everyway possible, and I itenifed, so I just wanted to encourage people and build up no matter what there situation.

Believe I do understand your pain, I several severe depression times, and I would end up in the hospital because of wanting to die.

So its only natural do want to help people in way I can, I don't have money, sometimes just listing to someone is far more benefical that money.

I look forward to comminucating with you.


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Elaine of TSA

I know it sounds crazy, but I had a friend this worked for after she could not even get an offer on her place in 1.5 yrs. then she tried it and sold within 1 month.

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Elaine of TSA

You are one AMAZING Lady Stacyann and as always an inspiration. Luv ya, Elaine

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What an inspiration you are.  Your courage, determination and faith really hit home for me.  Sometimes we all are guilty of getting caught up in the money trap and forget where the real wealth comes from.

I have two places that I currently work off the internet on a regular basis that you might want to look at.  One is  There is no fee for this.  It is data entry, bascially the company contracts out with the IRS, and you are keying snippets from various tax forms.  I have been working for them now for 3 years.  Depending on your speed, you can average between $50 to $200 a week.  They pay every week as long as you have $50 in your account when they pull.  There is a waiting list for them, but from what I hear, they have been taking in new people recently.  As the new tax year gets closer, they will be hiring on more.  It is worth a shot.

Another place is This place is part of  What it is is various people will have jobs they want completed.  Things that a computer cannot do.  Like looking at pictures and descriptions and deciding if they are the same or not.  The pay is not real high.  Most projects range from a penny to ten cents each.  But when you get the hang of it, you can whip through them really fast.  I usually average about $10 a day off them.  Whats great with them is they pay direct deposit.  So like this weekend, I worked enough to make $25 which I will have direct deposited on Monday and it will be in my account on Tuesday.  

I hope this helps you out.

Take care of yourself, and your FAITH.... remember it will always carry you through.



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Dear Big Papa.
       You asked me a simple question, Yet I think one of the if not the most important questions a person can be asked?
How strong if your Faith,
      I  would be lying if it has always been strong. Just like a Ship at Sea, It is easy to say great when  the waters are calm.
However I have so blessed that it is up to me how I am going to stand on my Ship with a small storm and the bigger storm. God has taught me on this Journey That he gave us a great gift the gift to see how much we have been blessed threw the storm's in our life by our Faith, That is a gift even in calm water or the biggest storm of your life threw faith we get the privilege to grow.  
 So how strong is my Faith, I am humbled , I am been given more gifts that are not materialistic. I have been given wisdom and a quite strength. I have being given Empathy for others,I have been given Grace.
 I am living and breathing my Faith is Strong and that is because God is my Boat I have learned to stand in.
          God has a strong calling on your life you already know that as Well.
 Thank you Big Papa for asking me the most important question of my life
Big Papa

Girl you have a story to tell! And I think it time for you to start putting it down on paper.  You are an inspiration to every mother out there. You have a great wealth of knowledge and experience.  Exactly what we all need.  How strong is your faith? Get back with me, your friend,

Big Papa

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Hi Stacy,


I so hope you are feeling better. Your spirit is strong and I admire it. I posted in a blog about a report that was given on our local news about an article from the Wall Street Journal related to legit work at home jobs.

If this helps in any way when you have time, take a look.



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Stacyann, I have a solution to your problem! I work from home and I work for a great company! The work is easy and My boss is a good Christian woman! Here is her e-mail address, tell her I sent you.It's phone work and data entry and I make pretty good money . her name is Genita! God Bless you! Suellen Fry-Washington

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Dear StacyAnn, Hey there. I might have an idea for you. There are many of us that are still behind on selling on ebay and don't quite understand how to do it. Also, importing goods on an individual basis and selling them is still lucrative. I have made purchases off of ebay, but not sales and I don't understand it. Maybe I'm stupid in that respect, but I have a head for numbers and am studying for my BS in accounting. I am starting a mail order business and I need someone who is internet savvy to help me build a site online and find imported goods to sell. I do not understand customs either. Perhaps you could help me? At this time I don't have any money (I have 8 kids) my x-wife doesn't pay me any child support and has moved to Maine somewhere. Would you be interested in some kind of limited partnership or stock when I get incorporated? Many things can be bargained for or bartered for instead of cash. Advertising to sell other peoples stuff on ebay? How about writing a book to sell? Or an ebook and hooking it up to paypal to collect after you put it on ebay as a downloadable straight from the auction? Then add links to other sites? Perhaps sell advertising to go into those books? I am an idea man. If you need an idea, I can usually think of a solution. email me at Sparks

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